25 Most Beautiful Airports in the World

Traveling by air is by far the most popular but at the same time most expensive way to travel. When people are about to travel by airplane, it is logical that they have to check-in at a certain airport. There is an estimate that there are over 1,000 international airports in the world. Some international airports are small and they handle only a little number of flight. On the other hand, there are international airports where there are flights almost every 20 minutes. That is only one of the classifications of international airports – busy and not so busy airports. Every international airport is a story for itself. Some will leave you with positive impression while the others will make you never come back to them.

There is also another classification of airports that is entirely subjective – beautiful and less beautiful airports. That subjective classification of airports varies from a person to a person. An airport that is beautiful to one person can be awful to another, and the other way around. However, there are some airports that win the hearts of every single passenger. We will feature that special kind of airports on our list. Some of the international airports on our list are so magnificent they will make you feel like not going on your flight. Let’s have a look at 25 Most Beautiful Airports in the World:

#25 – Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport’s whereabouts are just 23 kilometers from Melbourne. This airport’s opening was in the year 1970. It is one of the four airports located in the Melbourne area. Also, it is the busiest airport in the Melbourne area and the second busiest international airport in Australia.

The inside of this airport is just gorgeous and it will leave you not wanting to leave it behind. The airport also boasts with several excellent cafes which serve a good cup of coffee and other hot beverages. You’ll also find several quality duty-free shops at this airport. And we forgot to mention that the airport personnel is very kind.

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