25 Expensive Countries in the World

Everyone that reads this text comes from a certain country. We all know that we live in a certain country and feel as a part of it. But, did you ever ask yourself what a country actually is? To make the complex definition of a country in political geography a little less complicated, we will only define it as a large area that has its borders and whose area and everything within it is controlled by a government. At the moment, it has been estimated that there are over 150 countries in the world. Considering that there are over 150 of these large areas defined by their borders we can conclude that every country isn’t the same. Every single country in the world is different from its neighbor country. Countries are different in matters of how they are economically powerful, their births per year rate, their military power, population, climate, languages, etc.

The most interesting difference among the countries is that some of them can be considered cheap while the others are considered expensive. We don’t mean cheap and expensive like they are put up for sale. What we mean is that all the countries are either cheap to live in or expensive to live in. Way it is determined whether a certain country is expensive or cheap is to calculate the average price of a house in that specific country, price of 50000 food items, price of bills, and gas prices. There is even a special organization that releases a new list of most expensive countries in the world based on factors mentioned in the previous sentence – Economist Intelligence Unit. The economical unit provided by Economist Intelligence Unit that provides information on is country cheap or expensive for living is called World Cost of Living Index. The higher this measure is, the more expensive the country is for living. The number that is next to the name of a country in our list shows that country’s World Cost of Living Index. We have made our list according to the newest World Cost of Living Index. Let’s have a look at 25 Expensive Countries in the World:

#25 – Germany – 78

This country is one of the oldest and richest countries in the Europe and the European Union. The overall area of Germany is 357,021 square kilometers which make it the 63rd largest country in the world. The total population of this European country is around 82,150,000 according to a 2015 estimate. The capital city of it is called Berlin, famous for the Berlin Wall.

As we have said, Germany is one of the richest European countries as well as one of the richest countries in the world. The country itself is   the part of G-7 organization which is an organization whose members are the seven leading economical powers. World Cost of Living Index of Germany is 78 which is a pretty high score. It is very expensive to buy a house in Germany since the average price of a house there is $150,000, so many people rent apartments. The average rent price in Germany is $900. By far, the most expensive things in this country are houses and apartments. What is less expensive in Germany are groceries and public transport.

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