25 Expensive Countries in the World

#21 – Sweden – 80

Everything in this Scandinavian country is beautiful, from women, great cuisine, and some awesome looking cities, except the prices of street food, and eating out. Sweden is located in the very north of Europe, in Scandinavia, and it has an area of 450,295 square kilometers. The country is inhabited by 9,650,000 people. What Sweden and the Swedish people particularly boast with is the country’s stunning capital city Stockholm.

People who live or who visit Sweden never dare to out in the streets or in the restaurants there, because it is excessively pricey. The price of any street food in Sweden on average is $5, and the average price of a non-luxurious meal in an average restaurant is $18. However, Sweden remains the least expensive Scandinavian country because of the affordable real estate prices and basic goods prices.

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