25 Most Expensive and Luxurious Watches in the World

Time has always been important to people since it was introduced to the world. People measure almost all of the things by time. Random street passers ask you about what the time is because they either are being late somewhere or something else. Everything nowadays is determined by time – your salary, flight schedules, bus schedules, your job, and numerous other things. Modern psychology tells us that people look what time is it around 20 times each day. From that, we can conclude that time plays an important role in our lives. Also, modern psychology tells us that if people don’t look at what time it is for several days, they can get a nervous breakdown. What we can definitely conclude is that time owns us.

There is a saying that tells us that we can’t buy time. However, we can buy things that tell us the time. We call those things wrist watches. Having a wrist watch is at the moment an essential. People nowadays not only wear watches to look at the time but also as a fashion accessory. Most of the people opt for buying mid-range quality watches. Also, most of the present gifts people get are watches. However, not that many of us get a one million dollars watch as a gift. Like all of the things in this world, wrist watches are either affordable or luxurious. Only a handful of rich and powerful people can buy the wrist watches we will feature in this list. Let’s have a look at 25 Most Expensive and Luxurious Watches in the World:

#25 – Tag Heuer Monaco V4 – $80,000

This watch whose maker is the legendary watch brand Tag Heuer is a true masterpiece and a really unique watch because of one of its features. What is that feature which makes Tag Heuer Monaco V4 wrist watch unique? Well, we can say that this watch is the first example of a watch whose main mechanism are actual car belts. That is what makes this watch very expensive and unique.

This watch itself is made out from an aluminum case and its strap is made from actual crocodile leather.

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