25 Most Expensive Private Jets

People nowadays use various transportation means. The poorest among us have to walk, those with more money use public transport, people with average income drive mid-price sedans, and the rich people drive luxurious cars. According to many, the fastest and safest mean of transport is traveling by an airplane. Sadly, this mean of transport is also the most expensive way of traveling. However, some people in this world don’t mind owning a complete airplane just for themselves. People who own private jets are usually multimillionaires and billionaires since all private jets cost more than a million.

You might ask yourself why a person would want to own a private jet. Well the reason for that is that by owning your private jet you can fly to any country of the world without having to wait in the line to buy your airline ticket. Besides that fact, many rich people also buy private jets to show off how wealthy they are. It is a common practice among the owners of private jets to spend more money on designing the interior of their jets than they have spent on the plane itself. Some of the private jets we will feature on our list can be considered as mini five-star hotels that can fly. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare to have a glance at 25 Most Expensive Private Jets:

#25 – Bombardier Challenger CL-600 – $25 Million

The least expensive private jet on our list, Bombardier Challenger CL-600 belongs to the category of business jets. Only a few lucky people own this plane, including the Indian billionaire Gautam Singhania.

Gautam Singhania paid for this speedy business jet $25 Million and had the jet’s interior to be designed by Erich Roth, one of the most appreciated airplane interior designers.

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