25 Hilarious Facebook Statuses

The way how we socialize and connect with the people we love or know has changed greatly since the introduction of Facebook. They say if you aren’t on Facebook, you don’t exist. That is partially true since half of the globe today actively uses this important social media. Without Facebook, you probably wouldn’t know that your high school friend from the past got married, that your aunt Flo from Australia got a new dog, and many things more – Facebook connects us with the people we know and gives us an insight into their lives.Facebook nowadays isn’t just about sharing statuses and posting photos and videos; it is far more than that. Today, people fall in love with each other with the help of Facebook. Some people that met each other via Facebook even got married. You can also earn thousands of dollars with the help of Facebook. You have numerous options what your Facebook profile will serve you for.

Facebook, as the biggest and most influential social media in the world, is also a source of a lot of fun. On Facebook, people make epic fails like nowhere else on the Web. The funniest things on Facebook after the awkward photos posted there are hilarious and odd statuses. If we calculate that each minute around 50,000 new statuses are posted on Facebook, then some of them must be either epic fails or hilarious statuses. In this article, we will explore the funniest and most odd Facebook statuses of the past few years. We guarantee that some of the statuses we are about to show you will make you cry from laughter. Let’s have a look at 25 Hilarious Facebook Statuses:

#25 – Titanic Wasn’t Real

We think we have a conspiracy theorist here who had posted this hilarious Facebook status. What we think about this person who had posted this status is that he wasn’t present during the history classes when it was taught about the famous ship Titanic.

Sadly, this post also depicts how the movies and even songs have a great impact on our lives. People who see films believe that the things featured there were not real. Just because of the people like the person who had posted this funny status, the filmmakers should put a warning sign at the beginning of each movie which would say the film was based on true events. And for the end, we want to say that the guy/girl who had posted this status is dumb and not the Canadian nation.

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