25 Richest People of 2017

Everyone who reads this text wished at one point in its life to become rich. Being a rich person opens to you all the doors. When you have enough money, you can go shopping every day, have several luxury cars, real estate around the world, etc. What money just can’t buy at the moment is immortality. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if some rich people would pay millions for finding the elixir of youth and immortality. There are estimates that nowadays over 1,000 billionaires live on our planet. However, number of millionaires is still larger than the number of billionaires.

As the title of our list says, we will feature 25 Richest People of 2017. Many of rich people we’ll feature on our list are self-made millionaires and self-made billionaires. Some of them have also inherited wealth from their families. Whatever the cause how people we’ll feature here got rich, we must admit that we would love to be in their skin. People featured on our list probably wake up every morning and they don’t have to worry how much money are they going to spend on food, when will they pay bills, etc. They just enjoy life and do whatever they want. The number next to names on our list represents the net worth of individuals featured here. Let’s have a look at some lucky ones who are 25 Richest People of 2017:

#25 – David Thomson – $25.5 Billion


David Thompson is by far one of the wealthiest Canadians in the world. He is at same time the CEO of Thomson Reuters and a media magnate. However, David is not a self-made billionaire. He and his family inherited Thomson Reuters media-company from David’s grandfather – Roy Thomson.

David Thomson had inherited the complete ownership over Thomson Reuters after the death of his father in 2006. David made Thomson Reuters Company a merged company together with Woodbridge holding company, which has a share of 57% in David’s company.

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