25 Most Romantic Movies of 2017

Today’s cinematography offers numerous genres of movies which offer numerous films within them. The world of film has dramatically changed since the release of the first movie which happened way back in 1895. The initial movies were only several minutes long, they were in black and white, and they had no sound attached to them. Movies from the beginnings of cinematography were very different from today’s movies which are today minimum one hour of length, which have numerous special effects incorporated, which have sound, and which are of better quality. In the beginnings of the movie history, only several genres of them were available to the viewers.

The initial movie genres were drama and comedy. However, as the movie industry was developing more and more movie genres were born. One particular movie genre that everyone liked when it was released was the romance genre. Nowadays, the romance genre of movies is one of the most popular film genres. These movies are heartwarming stories about love and affection and they can either have a happy ending or a sad ending. The best way to watch the romantic movies is with your partner. Most romantic films will teach you just how important love is. In our list, we will feature the best romance movies from the end of 2016 and those which will become available in cinemas in 2017. Let’s have a look at 25 Most Romantic Movies of 2017:

#25 – Café Society

If we told you that the director of this movie is the legendary film director and producer Woody Allen, you would immediately acknowledge that this movie has to be good.

This movie stars actors Steve Carell, Kristen Stewart, Ken Stott, Jeannie Berlin, Parker Posey, and numerous other actors. The genre of movies this movie belongs to is romantic comedy-drama. In this movie, we follow the story of a young man who which comes in Hollywood in the search for a better life and job. The time period this movie is set in is the 1930s. The protagonist of this movie is on the hunt for a job in the film industry. While in Hollywood, our protagonist falls in love.

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