11 best Halloween 2016 Costume Ideas For Kids

One of the most expected days of the year is finally a few days away. That’s why we want to introduce you 11 different options for Halloween 2016 Costume Ideas For Kids we know they will love and so do you. Now let’s get started with this amazing tour options! Choose your best!

The Most loving Halloween 2016 Costume Ideas For Kids

For those new in parenting wishing for their little babies first Halloween to come, we have some classic ideas that make your kiddie looks cuter than ever. Try some of these:

  • Animal costumes:

    Image result for Animal costume

    Nothing cuter than a little tender baby dressed up like a little tiger, monkie, lion, piggy or teddy bear. Everyone will fall in love with your angel looking that sweet. This is definitely a must-do idea.

  • Pokemon:

    Image result for Pokemon costume

    This is as cute as the animal costumes. With the Pokemon GO fever, these characters are in again. Most famous and prettier ones are Pikachu, Squirtle, Eevee, and Charizard. Picture your baby looking like them! Cutest thing ever!

  • Minnie or Mickey Mouse:

    Image result for Minnie or Mickey Mouse costume

    This is a perfect idea for those parents that maybe feel that their babies are still too young to wear and uncomfortable costume, as only some decorated black short pants, with straps and a hat with ears will let everyone know who is the cutest version of Mickey. Actually, it is also a cheap option, while you customize some clothes to get it done.

Top Trending Halloween Costume ideas for Kids

There are also some classic options for Halloween 2016 Costume Ideas For Kids that are still trending after the years, that work great for older boys and girls. Some of them might be:

  • Minions:

    Image result for Minions costume

    These yellow cuties keep on trending thanks to their movies and sweetness. Boys and girls can easily make this costume using a yellow t-shirt, a denim or blue jumper, black shoes and some funny head accessory, a yellow hoodie, and round glasses.

  • Ninja turtle:

    Image result for Ninja turtle  costume

    They have been 20 years or even more on TV screens and boys still follow them. This is a great option for their fans.

  • Anna/Elsa (Frozen):

    Image result for Anna/Elsa  costume

    Movie was on the cinemas a few years ago but the Frozen fever is still on. Anna is one of the most favorite Disney princesses of all times. And her sister Elsa is also rocking among girls.

  • The Avengers:

    Image result for The Avengers  costume

    The latest Avengers movies have brought Iron man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk back. They are now the most favorite heroes little boys want to copy.

  • Skeleton:

    Image result for Skeleton costume

    There is always a skeleton boy in every Halloween. This costume is a must for kids. Perfect for those little monsters that love to scare other people at their neighborhood.

And for the trendsetter kids, you may opt for these:

  • Rainbow Dash:

    Image result for Rainbow Dash costume

    My Little Pony has a new cartoon for bigger girls and they love to dress as their favorite one, Rainbow Dash.

  • The Descendants:

    Image result for The Descendant  costume

    After the movie. Characters became a sensation among the kids.

  • Angry birds:

    Image result for angry birds costume

    With a famous game and the recent movie, Angry birds, Red has become a popular and singular character in every party.

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