Top 9 delicious healthy dinner ideas for toddlers

Despite all the fatigue a parent feel after a hard day of work, we should get home and cook our little kids a great dinner, to complement daily nutrition they need. So here we will show you 9 delicious healthy dinner ideas for toddlers that will help you get away this issue in a fast way and without forgetting our mission of feeding them properly.

Everyday Struggle to find new healthy dinner ideas for toddlers

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We know that as a parent is hard to deal with all the things to we have to do on the daily. At the end of the day is completely understandable we end up exhausted. But we have to remember our little kids might be tired as well after all the fun activities and learning they could have had that day, so they deserve our last everyday effort to reward them.

These healthy and fun recipes will work for toddlers and the whole family as well. Dinner will become the favorite moment at home to reunite the entire family member together and talk about everyone’s day while enjoying a healthy, delicious, homemade dinner.

Advices before knowing healthy dinner meals for toddlers

As dinner is the last meal of the day before we go to bed, some considerations need be taken care when it comes to the recipes we choose for our kids. Some of them might include:

    • Low calories and low sugar recipes: as it is the end of the day they don’t need a high amount of energy to make activities as they all were done before. It is now time to go to bed and take some rest to start another day, so you should prepare low calories and sugar recipes. If you don’t consider this, you will add things they don’t need to their diet, contributing with their weight increasing and more risk of developing diseases. So less fried veggies or meats, fewer fruits and sugar, less bread and pasta. We are not saying no to them, just decrease the portion.
    • Veggies are a must to have in any dinner option. Try to include vegetables in all your recipes, and if your kids are picky with them, hide them! We are going to show you some few ways to do it.
    • Ask for your toddlers’ help. Make them feel they are helping. Getting them involve in the making process will make them more interested in trying the food. And will also help you to end faster.

Parents must not forget to read different meals for toddlers:

Suggested healthy dinner ideas for toddlers

  1. Veggie pizza:

    It is not going to be a scam, don’t feel bad. It is still going to be a tasteful pizza your kid will love but in a healthier version. To make it faster for you, use a thin slice of bread as a base instead of making your own dough. Add or not sauce, it’s up to you; try different colors pizza, by using one grated veggie in every slice, make a carrot pizza, a tomato pizza, a green pizza with spinach, basil, broccoli or any other green leave you like. Add some cheese and bake it until cheese is melted. No matter what flavor your kid choose, it is going to be a healthy option for dinner. Or make a rainbow pizza, using all colors, yellow pepper, and red onion to complete the rainbow.

  2. Spinach cubes:

    Is there anything healthier than spinach? Every parent desires kids to eat spinach often. Is a great source of vitamins A, B6, C, and K, as well as calcium, protein and iron. Combine its flavor with cheese to get this meal done. Mix in a bowl eggs, milk, flour, baking powder, spinach, cheese (maybe cheddar), salt and pepper. Spread it in a thin layer in a greased pan and cook in the oven with some parmesan to get a crunchy top. Bake for around 35 minutes. Serve in cute little cubes. this is so much like making brownies, it is as easy as them. So imagine yourself using that little time to prepare your toddler a great meal. Sounds good, right?

  3. Summer grilled cheese sandwich:

    No matter the time of the day it is, a sandwich is an excellent option to any kid’s meal. They are easy to prepare and take anywhere. In this occasion, to make it more proper to dinner, the summer grilled cheese one is going to work perfectly. Use dry and fresh basil, a slice of cheese and tomato slices to fill your sandwich. Grill it for a while until it is golden and sealed. Serve it while they are still warm. We know kids and even parents will love this option.

  4. Vegetable spring rolls:

    It is a healthier version of Chinese rolls, as they are going to be baked instead of fried. The flavor will keep basically the same. Kids will feel they are eating fast food at a restaurant but at home. Buy some sheets of filo pastry. Make the fill with onion, carrot, garlic, white cabbage, pepper, soy sauce and Chinese five spices. Fry it all in pan for a while to mix all the flavors. Cut a square of filo pastry, put a spoon of the mix and fold the pastry to get everything inside. Make as many rolls as you can and place them on a greased pan. Put them in the oven for just 10 minutes.

  5. Taco soup:

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    This is one of the easiest recipes, just take 10 minutes to be done. Perfect for those nights when you are out of energy. So pay attention to this one. Use remaining bean from the other day or take some canned beans, as black beans, kidney beans, canned corn, and tomato. Drain all of the beans. Warm then all in a pot with a little bit of water in medium heat for 10 minutes. Serve it with fresh cilantro, cheddar, and taco. This is a tasteful option to make hungry kids feel plenty. And works for all the family as well.

  6. Creamy soups:

    This is another great healthy and fast option you can try for your toddlers. Make it with any vegetable you have at home. You can use tomato, yellow squash or cauliflower. The procedure is basically the same in all of them. For the squash and cauliflower, parboil your vegetable, with some onion, garlic, and salt, in water or chicken consommé. Once it is cooked, blend it all and serve with cheese on top and some toasts. In case you use tomato. Fry first onion and garlic. Crush tomatoes and cook them in the same pot than onion. Once it is cooked, blend and strain it. Serve this soup as the previous one. It smells delicious; no one will resist trying it.

  7. Blueberry pancakes:

    As sandwiches, pancakes are a most to your kids. They are nutritive and delicious. No matter how picky our kid might be, the love hot pancakes and syrup or honey. This time, we will try a delightful version, blueberry, and vanilla pancakes. You need to mix all the regular ingredients in a bowl (milk, eggs, vanilla, flour, sugar, and a little bit of baking powder to make them sponge). When it is all well mixed, add blueberries and vanilla. Cook them in a frying pan as you regularly do, 3 minutes each side, and serve.

  8. Asian fish cakes:

    This is an excellent way to make toddlers eat fish and they won’t even notice or complain (if they usually do). It is going to be really tasteful; and a great option for those picky kids, as you can say they are chicken nuggets, as texture and appearance are the same. A little white lie but for their own well-being, so it will be worth. To prepare them, first put the fish fillets in a food processor to mince it. Put it in a bowl and add eggs, bread crumbs, cilantro, onion, garlic, salt, and pepper. Put it all together into a paste, shape some small cakes and fry them for about a minute, just to make it gold, as everything is already cooked.

  9. Tacos:

    They are super easy to prepare, even kids can do it. Use corn tortillas as base, warm them a little bit in a pan with oil, out it in a plate and spread something to it, it can be mayo, avocado or black bean paste; put anything you want inside, can be ground beef, shredded chicken, ham or cheese slices, and vegetables, as tomato, lettuce, onion, carrot or potato. You will end up serving a great mix of different flavors everyone will devour in seconds.

As you may have noticed, these dinner ideas for toddlers are amazing options to try at home, as they are fast and easy to prepare but keeping the most important condition, the healthy factor, nutrition has to be your goal on every meal. Most of them are recipes that you already know and like, adapted to a better and healthier version of themselves. So feel free to try any of them. We know toddlers will approve and love them as much as you will.

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